Friday, October 29, 2004

1: The Secret of My Success

Say hello to CAPTAIN VIDEO!

Doesn't he look brave?

CAPTAIN VIDEO! will periodically drop by to act as our guide through the Music Videos of the 1980s. And today's entry is a real winner--a classic example of a particularly wonderful sub-genre of the 1980s Music Video! That's right, it's the Big Hollywood Soundtrack Single! Today we'll be watching..."The Secret of My Success," by NIGHT RANGER!

"The Secret of My Success" is just about a perfect example of the Big Hollywood Soundtrack Single of the 1980s, and its video does not disappoint. Consider the various elements in place:

Smokin' guitar on the hood of an old car!

A bolo tie!

Those aren't synthesizers you hear--that's a "horn section" "playing"!

"Spontaneous" duckwalk--with keyboard guitar!

And...Michael J. Fox!

Watch it! Live it! Love it! And remember--the secret of my success is...I'm living twenty-five hours a day!

Night Ranger - The Secret of My Success.mpeg

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